I listen to a lot of Japanese music. It probably makes up 60% of my iTunes. So, since this blog will in the end focus on my experiences with Japan, I might as well share some of that music.

Let me tell you about this lovely band. They’re called Panic☆ch (Panic Channel) and I’ve been a huge fan of them for roughly four years now. I remember I first saw them in an issue of Cure, a Japanese visual kei magazine. The current bassist, Kiri, was dressed something like a Harajuku-esque librarian. This was back when I’d give a band a listen based upon how appealing they were to look at. We all know I can’t pass up a guy dressed like a punk librarian.

I can admit now, after getting over the whole librarian thing, that Panic☆ch isn’t the best band in the world. This might actually be the appeal to Panic☆ch. You can hear their sound improve with every album. You can hear their potential, as well as their love for the music they’re making. Above anything else they’re having fun and being genuine. They treat their music somewhere between hobby and living, and somehow that’s absolutely charming.

Not to mention some of the melodies they write are darn catchy. Here’s the song I’m currently addicted to, “Maria” off of their latest (March) mini-album, “Shave”.

Panic☆ch – Maria


~ by megumiwasframed on May 30, 2010.

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