Battle Wounds


It’s hard to see, but basically, I have a nasty bruise on my right index finger. Why? Because I knock on 70-80 doors a day. Maybe a few less, depending on how many people’s doorbells actually work. You wouldn’t believe how many don’t. Do your local canvassers a favor – make sure your doorbells work.

What a pathetic injury, huh? Nothing cool like getting into a knife fight with a hobo outside of the local gay bar or wrestling a rogue lion in a contest for a girl.


~ by megumiwasframed on June 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Battle Wounds”

  1. dont worry i’ve seen someone get knocked off their feet with a black eye trying to open a twist cap bottle.

  2. ew, contest for a girl.

    Speaking of doorbells, I prolly told you mine works but it’s just a couple wires that you touch together, doesn’t shock you but if you click it just right you get the full “Ding-Dong!” otherwise it’s a faded “Di—“

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