Hiromi Uehara


Last night I went with a friend to see Hiromi Uehara and Stanley Clarke at the Dakota Jazz Club. The particular video above is not the kind of performance I went to see, but I wanted to post a sample of her music and I find that particular duet to be stunning.

Instead of another pianist, as in that video, Hiromi played with a bassist. They worked together so well and blended together, and both were very experienced and talented jazz musicians. Their improvisation was flawless and they never fell apart from one another, creating a truly unique performance that couldn’t be repeated. Even better than this singular uniqueness was the energy and love for music the two musicians exhibited while playing. I love to watch musicians who look truly happy as they play. Uehara’s smile while she plays piano is so endearing, and Clarke had an altogether good time with his upright bass. It was a treat to watch. Time flew right by. There were vacant seats for a second performance – I regret not taking them.

The venue itself was gorgeous. I love Minneapolis and the expensive places you rarely get to go. It was very romantic, my friend said. I was originally supposed to go with someone else, a guy whose flight got changed last-minute, so she joked around: “He’s really missing out! This place is so romantic! Yell at him when he gets back!”


~ by megumiwasframed on June 14, 2010.

One Response to “Hiromi Uehara”

  1. There was an upright bass jazz plyer there!?!? I feel really sad now that I didnt go…..

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