Greens Sunlight

毎月、好きな音楽のおすすめしたいと思う。そして、今月はLast Allianceの「グリーンズ・サンライト」だ。私は友達の車に乗っていた時、「再生している歌は何?」と聞いた。友達は、「お兄さんのCDだから、知らない。」と返した。それから、歌の歌詞をじっくり聞いた…でも日本語の歌詞は分かるにくいから、結局CDを借り込んだ。(笑)

I’ve decided to make the 30th of each month a day in which I recommend some (probably Japanese) music. Last month I shared a visual kei song, so this month I think I want to share something perhaps a bit more approachable.

I was riding in my friend’s car while we listened to music. Actually, it’s not my friend’s car; it’s his brother’s. He borrows this nice like-new car whenever he can, because frankly, his own car is a piece of junk. It’s ironic, though, because his brother never drives and my friend does all the time.

When this song came on, I asked, “What’s this song?” My friend said he didn’t know, as it was his brother’s car and his brother’s CD. This wasn’t the first time I’d run into this answer, and it always frustrates me, because apparently his brother has pretty good taste in music.

“Okay,” I said to the other two riding in the car with us, “I like this song. Help me listen to the lyrics.”

We all turned our ears toward the quality speakers in the car, trying to pick out words. To anyone who knows anything about Japanese lyrics, you’ll understand how futile that can be; especially when half of the lyrics are written in カタカナ (katakana, the Japanese alphabet typically used for loan words).

All I could get out of it was “sunlight” and what might have been “あけてみる” (aketemiru) or “あててみる” (atetemiru). In the end my friend just let me borrow the CD and take what I wanted off of it.

I guess that’s anti-climactic. Maybe next time I’ll talk about the beautiful Chinese piano piece I got a hold of. The story is probably more amusing.


~ by megumiwasframed on June 30, 2010.

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