The Countdown Begins


I’ve finally bought my airplane tickets. The only other major thing left to do is get a visa (why does the consulate have to be all the way in Chicago?). I leave on September 24th. I will arrive in Hiroshima on September 25th. It’s so hard to believe.

This past weekend I went to an annual festival around here: the Lantern Lighting Festival in one of the nearby parks. This is the local celebration for Obon (お盆), and it draws all the fans of Japan in the area. Naturally, being a Japanese major in college, I saw a lot of people I knew.

(My friend is in a traditional Japanese dance group. They performed wonderfully.)

Seeing everyone made me realize that I’ll probably miss a lot of people. It also made me realize that I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to before leaving. I was supposed to go ‘skinny dipping’ with certain people. Supposed to go to the CHAT festival and see Hilltribe. Supposed to go to Midway and watch amateur car races. Supposed to see those people I met again. Supposed to go on one more vacation around here. Supposed to start a summer romance (August is just too late).

There are, of course, plenty of other things I did get to do. Swimming, BBQs, seeing the Flugtag, AJI events, fireworks, rowing dragon boats, going partying, having the worst job of your life… You know, those things you’re supposed to do during the summer.

As I’ve started working at my University’s bookstore, everyone is complaining about going back to school and buying textbooks. I can’t wait to go. But those few weeks when they’re sitting in classes and I’m biding my time will be strange. I’ve lived a lot of my life in a routine. It’s time to break it.

In 37 days (assuming I can do math these days), I’ll be going to Hiroshima.


~ by megumiwasframed on August 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Countdown Begins”

  1. Hi. I’ve stumbled onto your blog randomly while looking for yukata to buy. Hmmm…I guess I’ll be nosing through your entries…I take it you’re from MN. I go to the Lantern Obon every year too. Hope you’re having a super time in Hiroshima (if you’re still there). I’ve only went to Japan once & that was during the summer of 2006 through a 2-month program but I had a lot of fond memories. :)

    • Thanks for reading! Indeed I am from MN. I’m not sure when my flight will arrive, but if I’m back in time I will probably end up going to the Obon festival this year as I fight jet lag :)

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