Ghost Story

I don’t know that I particularly believe in ghosts, but here is a creepy (and true) tale nonetheless.

Last night was my first experience in a Japanese hospital. There was an accident with one of the students in my program. Since I’m not sure this student would like any more said on the matter, I’ll cut it short here. That isn’t the important part of the story anyway.

When we arrived it was around midnight. Seeing as it gets dark around 5:30 here, it was well after the light had dwindled. Most of the hospital was cold and dim. There weren’t many cars in the parking lot, and the only staff we encountered in the main lobby was one poor guy working the night shift behind a plastic door, a guy who was able to easily recall the patient we wished to see the moment we said “exchange student”. I felt relieved that when we followed his directions we got to an area that was a little more inhabited, with lights and nurses going back and forth.

My friend was on the second floor. We got a few things taken care of and then started on our way. The group who had come to the hospital all climbed into an elevator and pressed the button to floor one.

The elevator went up to floor three. The doors opened to a darkened, vacant hallway. The automated voice saying, “The door is opening,” echoed through the emptiness. The only light came from a flickering green exit sign. The rooms were all shadows. There weren’t any nurses here that could be seen. Why were we on the third floor? Why did it feel so different from the first and second floors? Who had pressed that button?

One of the Americans with us poked his head out of the opened elevator doors. He peered down the hallway and looked like he was about to step out when the two Japanese girls with us grabbed him and pulled him back in. Someone madly pressed the door-shut button.

That’s about the end of the story. The first floor was warmly illuminated and the nurses were doing their rounds. Anti-climactic, right?

But also creepy, right?


~ by megumiwasframed on November 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Ghost Story”

  1. おれの小さいときそんなみたいな活動が起こった。

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