The news is of course covering the earthquakes in northern Japan. Thanks for the concern to all the people who asked about me – I’m fine. I haven’t felt a single tremor here in Hiroshima.

The day my friend and I left Tokyo was the day of the 7.2 earthquake. That morning while sitting in a Mister Donut (we spent a lot of time there) we felt a minor shake. It was enough to make several customers leave but not enough for the bustling workers to notice. When I first felt it I wasn’t sure what I was feeling – I’m from the land of 10,000 lakes and just one tectonic plate, after all. My friend for a brief moment thought she was just hyped up on too much sugar after four donuts. The lights swayed some but the shaking was subtle and quick.

We weren’t around for the bigger one later, and I’m told it was a good thing we’d decided to fly to Tokyo since train lines were shut down.

Hopefully everyone I know in the north is safe. 気をつけて。

For some BBC photo coverage, click here.


~ by megumiwasframed on March 11, 2011.

One Response to “Earthquake”

  1. Dear Connie, I can’t tell you how relieved I am to see that you are okay. What a horrific event! Since I got up at 6:00AM the news has been all about the earthquake. I do hope all of your friends are okay as well. Being from the midwest, this is all beyond my comprehension even though the pictures and video is displayed for all to see. On another note, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. You have a gift for writing which will serve you very well. Keep up the amazing work – you are going to have an incredible career! Sandie

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