Shake the Sunrise

To those of you cool enough to know where I got this entry’s title, kudos.

To the rest of you: the past 10 hours have been interesting ones. As it is currently 7:30am and I haven’t slept a bit, a list shall suffice.

  • A group of friends, all foreigners, went to hang out in the new common area. 5 freshmen came in and decided to join us. Turns out all of them live in the same dorm as the exchange student boys. We got to know each other fairly well in that time.
  • This getting to know each other was spurred on by a rather innocent game of truth or dare. Best dare: one of the freshmen running around the building shouting, “外人大好き!”
  • I got two shoulder massages. Their 罰 is my gain.
  • I aired some particularly dirty laundry, but somehow it felt good to get it off my chest after having it there for over a year. I feel somehow lighter.
  • We went to play some darts with three of the five. The lovely habanero-takoyaki chef decimated us all at the game, since he practically gets paid to play day in and day out.
  • By the time we left it was getting light. We decided to go see the sunrise from the top of the nearby mountain, Kagamiyama. Though there were gripes about going, I think everyone was glad they did. The sun was obscured by clouds but the view was still beautiful! All of Saijo and Higashi-Hiroshima could be seen from the peak.

In that time I forgot language barriers and I was spoken to in 敬語 (keigo), or polite form. At first I wasn’t sure what to think of them – I’m usually not these days – but in the end they were all sweet. As they live in the dorms and have as much free time as us foreigners, I wonder if we’ll cross paths more often from now on?

At any rate, I have only a few hours of sleep (or perhaps nap) before skyping with my parents. Then at some point I’m supposed to turn in my registration form, and during some obscure hour of the night I’ll be meeting one of my friends who helps me a lot with Japanese conversation. I haven’t seen him since before spring break, so I hope I don’t fall asleep too early…



~ by megumiwasframed on April 22, 2011.

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