It’s the end of April as of today. The week-long series of national holidays known as Golden Week has started as of yesterday. Plenty of people are going on trips, but I’ve opted to stay in this area. I think I’ll go into Hiroshima city at least once, and see the Flower Festival that takes place next week.

As always the end of the month means I’ll suggest a song to you. Here we go!

While those of you who know me will wonder how in the world I managed to refrain from plugging Jui’s new CD here, well… I’m not exactly sure why I chose kei over him, but I did.

As for kei himself, there’s a lot to love. He was formerly in a couple bands whose names are fairly widespread among visual kei fans, including kannivalism and Baroque. In 2009 he started a solo project. I’d actually never listened to much of either kannivalism or Baroque. I couldn’t hum any of their tunes for you. I believe it was on Gaia’s message board that I happened across a kei fan, and I’m certainly glad I did, because kei’s solo project is absolutely wonderful.

His first solo album, “silk tree”, is one of those CDs where you can listen to every track easily. The style truly unique, mixing light rock with heavy ambient electronic influence. Though in his previous bands he was a guitarist, his voice is very calming and perfectly in tune. Upon listening to him I fell in love instantly and kept the CD on repeat for several weeks.

Beyond the music, I find his entire concept appealing. I’m fairly certain he does the cover art for his albums as well as the direction for his videos. The cut-and-pasted collage-like environments he paces through in his videos is charming. The baffling album covers keep you looking for a while, trying to piece together the world he seems to have created. If you combine the music with this environment, you’re really transferred to some other reality.

My favorite song is vesperbell, from the aforementioned “silk tree” album. It falls a bit outside of the genre most of his work is in. I even have a bit of trouble describing to you exactly what it is. Just about everything about this song and video are wonderful and heart-warming, including the enchanting lyrics. I have clear memories of walking through light rain during warm May session classes and thinking everything was right with the world.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


~ by megumiwasframed on April 30, 2011.

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  1. I like the song (:

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