Burn My Dread

A friend of mine from back home flew into Tokyo last night. He should be on his way to Hiroshima soon. I’m going into the city with a group today to get bubble tea and go yukata shopping, and then staying until my friend arrives by shinkansen. Because he’ll be here, I’m figuring I might not have much blogging time, so here comes your monthly music suggestion a couple days early!

Today’s suggestion is from the soundtrack of the masterpiece of a game, Persona 3. Actually all of the Persona games I’ve had the luck to play have been fantastic, and have all had truly interesting soundtracks.

A quick overview of the game itself. Persona 3 follows the story of a young man who transfers schools and finds himself in a strange dorm where all the other students living there know something most people don’t – there’s an extra hour in the day, called the Dark Hour. The world freezes at this time and creatures called Shadows emerge. The victims of these Shadows develop what is known as Apathy Syndrome, which is pretty much what it sounds like – an apathy toward everything and an inability to live their daily lives. Beyond this simple anime-style storyline, the game delves into the characters deeply, and you really learn what motivates all of their actions. There is also a realistic half to the story in which you guide your character through daily life, interacting with other students at your school in a strangely dating-sim style gameplay. An enthralling story and the combination of dating-sim and dungeon crawler game styles enable you to play for hours without tiring of it. It’s just about the perfect RPG, probably coming in second only to its sequel.

The soundtrack to the game is also quite interesting. Of course you have your typical video game orchestral style songs, but many of the songs on the Persona soundtracks incorporate an urban style. Not only that, but you get full-on vocal tracks during gameplay. If you play long enough, you’ll find yourself singing along because they’re so damn catchy. The composer of the music in this game, Shoji Meguro, does an excellent job of  experimenting with genres and making them work. If it were any game but Persona, this unique style might come off as a bit awkward, but the genre of music matches the genre of game. This is also the case in the others projects Meguro has worked on – the brand-new game developed by the Persona team, Catherine, also employs the combination of unique music with a truly unique game.

This is the opening song for Persona 3, and not only is the song stylistically impressive, but I find the art going on in the background mesmerizing. Enjoy!


~ by megumiwasframed on May 29, 2011.

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