I remember one of my first months here I mentioned this band: The Kiddie. They started gaining popularity only about the time I got to Japan. Upon first glance I wasn’t so sure I’d like them – there are tons of cutesy bands like this who are just that. Cutesy and little else. I’m not the only one, however, that gave them the benefit of the doubt and was surprised that they could balance a cute image with some catchy tunes. A couple friends here also got hooked. The Kiddie is the kind of band who can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside while also pleasing your ears. It’s pretty hard to find fault with that.

They are doing a tour during August. I will still be here in time to see it. I very much plan on seeing it! I just have yet to choose the venue – there’s one in Osaka the day before I get paid and one in Hiroshima the day after I planned on departing the city. I think this is the kind of group that will be great to see before I depart. High energy will make me forget, at least temporarily, about the massive change that will come soon after.

While at a Tower Records in Hiroshima city I was waiting for my friends to make their purchases, not planning on spending money myself. However, in my idleness, I went over to one of those headphone sets where you can sample new singles. It was upon playing The Kiddie’s new B-side track, Brutus, that I decided I couldn’t go without this single. Though the lyrics are bizarre, the weird intervals he sings in are impossible to get out of your head. Enjoy!


~ by megumiwasframed on July 1, 2011.

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