Last Live

Yesterday was a summer concert held by the jazz circle. Our group appeared in the performance. As it turns out, it’s the last performance for both our vocalist and I – the band’s next gig is supposed to happen the same day I leave Saijo.

To be honest there have been times lately when I wasn’t sure where my relationship with the other band members fell, but on this day I was truly happy to spend the entire day with them. I think all of us are a little bit different from the rest of the members of the jazz circle, though I don’t really know how to clearly define why. At any rate, on this day we all talked and joked around easily. I think our performance was also very smooth – definitely the best out of all the lives we’ve done. We all had worries due to our lack of practice time. We sat waiting for our turn to play with everyone saying, “I’m so nervous!” in some manner or another. However, playing turned out to be truly enjoyable. It was definitely a good way to go out. That was the kind of memory I wanted for our last live.

Much to the surprise of the British vocalist and I, at the end of our performance one of the other members of the circle came out and announced that since it was our last live, we’d received flowers. I was honestly shocked and felt very happy.

The card on the flowers was quite obviously Google translated, but perhaps that gave it a bit of charm.

Who got them for us was a mystery for most of the day – our band members certainly didn’t know. In the end it was revealed that a professor who plays in one of the jazz groups got them for us. Though we’ve never exchanged words with him, apparently he also went to our previous live at the cafe. What a lovely gesture!

That night was the last party I think I’ll be able to go to for the jazz circle. Though I talked only with those whose company I’ve come to enjoy, maybe that’s the best way to spend such a night.

Knowing I won’t be able to appear in any more lives with these people made me sad. Sitting alone in my room today became unbearable, so I did what any good American does – get out of the house and drown my sorrows in pudding. Which, in Japan, resembles flan more than it does what we know as pudding. Pudding, flan… it actually does help.


~ by megumiwasframed on July 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Last Live”

  1. Wow, that was really nice of that professor! Adorable Engrish. <3

    loveloveLOVE your blog, please keep up your wonderful posts. C:

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