In Store Event: UNCHAIN

Today’s music suggestion fell on a particularly interesting day.

My friend and I ventured into the city in order to do a little bit of shopping for おみやげ (omiyage), or gifts for people back home. I suppose in that respect today wasn’t a terribly productive day, however I have no regrets about going. One place we always end up going every time we’re in the city is Tower Records, nestled at the top of one of Hiroshima’s more famous shopping centers.

When we first entered I heard familiar sounding music. Of course, as Tower Records is always playing something overhead, this wasn’t particularly unusual. “Is this Unchain?” I asked my friend, but of course he didn’t know. The only reason I knew them was a suggestion from a friend about a year ago. I’d really taken an interest in them and had acquired one of their CDs. With no answer to my question and a shrug I went about my business, sampling some of the music.

When I took another break I paused again. “Is this live music?” A mic check was soon after, answering my question. I became curious. I made my way over to the side of the store where the performers were located.

Sure enough, it was two members of Unchain! I really couldn’t believe I’d been so lucky as to come to an in store event of a band I really enjoyed. I certainly hadn’t been expecting it!

My friend and I stayed to see their full acoustic performance. It was fantastic – the vocalist’s voice is quite nice. My personal favorite was Aurora, particularly where both sang harmony with one another, which is unfortunately not present in the studio version. After they finished I ended up buying the CD. Those who purchased it were given a ticket that could be exchanged for a pair of handshakes from them and a signed photo. Of course I waited in line for this as well.

UNCHAIN is the kind of band whose music gives off a warm atmosphere. It was a lovely way to spend my Sunday in Hiroshima city. After staying up until 3:30 the night before I wasn’t sure whether or not I was really in the mood to wander the city, but in the end I’m definitely glad I went! I’m also glad my friend (who typically differs a bit in musical taste) enjoyed them! I’d feel mean if I’d forced him to see something he didn’t like.

Give them a listen!


~ by megumiwasframed on July 31, 2011.

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