Last Day

Tomorrow is my last day in Saijo. I’ve spent all of today cleaning out my room and packing. The walls are now void of the many posters that once filled them and incredibly lonely looking.

While I was going through things I realized most objects had a memory.  “Look, it’s the bag D-san carried through Hiroshima for me.” “This is the paper clip I linked with my friend on the first day, though we didn’t know whether we’d get along at the time.” “The magazine S and T-kun were in!” Just little things like that – tons of them.

I’m actually looking a bit forward to getting out of Saijo, but that’s mostly because I hate this kind of limbo I’m stuck in right now. I’m waiting to say goodbye, and it’s not a very pleasant wait.

Tomorrow I’m off to Hiroshima for a night. Then it’s Osaka, then departing from Tokyo! I’m sure I’ll chronicle my adventures from there, so once I get over this hard part I’ll write again.

I’m sure you all know this word already, but here’s the Japanese word for farewell: さよなら (sayonara).


~ by megumiwasframed on August 11, 2011.

One Response to “Last Day”

  1. Have a good trip, empty rooms can be a little sad sometimes.

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