Super Summer Sparking!!

“There are a few things I think you have to do in the summer. You have to wear yukata. You have to go see fireworks. You have to go to a festival. You have to go camping. And… you have to come see The Kiddie’s concert!”

According to The Kiddie’s vocalist, Yusa, I’ve been doing everything right this summer. The only thing I’ve missed out on is the camping, but seeing as I’m in a foreign country, can we just cross that one off the list?

Yesterday I made the last thing on the list come true – I went to see The Kiddie’s concert at Umeda Akaso. It will be the last live I’m able to see during my time here in Japan. I decided when I bought the tickets that it would be hard to find a better concert to go out with, and I think I was correct in this assumption. As I mentioned before, The Kiddie not only makes incredibly catchy music, but it’s also high energy and uplifting. It makes for a happy last memory of the music scene in Japan!

The crowd gathered to see The Kiddie was less flashy than I’d expected. Of course there were a few lolitas in the bunch. There were also some very eye-catching guys with makeup and spiked hair. My personal favorite was a girl dressed in the same way as Yusa – from far away it was impossible to tell the difference! Aside from these, however, the fans seemed surprisingly normal considering they were gathered to see a gaudy oshare kei band.

I thought I’d gotten a better ticket number than last time when I went to see Merry, but this wasn’t the case. I was still in the back. But just as with Merry, since I was the only foreigner, there were only a few people taller than me and they were all standing behind me. And, just as before, the venue is a rather small one, so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on much by being a little farther back.

While waiting for the concert to start I was surprised when the girl standing next to me decided to strike up a conversation. In my experience the groups of fans who go to these concerts are a close-knit group who seems to have trouble letting in new fans. This girl, however, had come alone from Fukuoka and I suppose wanting to talk to someone else who came alone. She was very friendly, and I feel a bit bad that I left before I could get to talk to her after the show. I wanted to congratulate her on catching the bottle the guitarist had thrown in our direction.

The concert itself was just as high energy as I imagined it would be. The band is always full of energy and good humor. Seeing them live, I really grew fond of the members. Between songs they would take breaks to go off on random tangents that ended up felt rather like bad comedy shows, the kind you laugh at because they’re bad, but the interactions seemed genuine. What surprised me the most was that I was able to understand nearly everything said. This was a first for me, looking back at all the other concerts I’ve attended while here.

The band saved my favorite songs for last, finishing the first part of the live with Nutty Nasty and finishing the first encore with Smile. On the second encore Yusa asked the audience what they wanted to hear, and the crowd overwhelmingly agreed on Noah. Half of the song was given to the audience to sing. While I hadn’t known a single word to the song at first, I think now I could sing it by myself.

So, having accomplished these things in my summer, I feel rather fulfilled. Today I’m off to Kyoto, one place in Japan I feel I should have seen long before now. Better late than never, right? いってきます!


~ by megumiwasframed on August 15, 2011.

One Response to “Super Summer Sparking!!”

  1. That’s right, better late than never. Enjoy your trip.

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