Kyoto In Pictures

I realize normally I write a lot more than I post pictures. But I feel my trip in Kyoto, the lovely city filled with traditional structures, while something that should be shared, is not something I can tell a story so much about as I can simply show you.

東本願寺 (Higashi Honganji)

三十三間堂 (Sanjuusan Gendou)

Unfortunately I only got a few pics here. The inside was what was truly impressive: there were a thousand golden statues within, but due to their sacred nature, pictures were strictly prohibited.

銀閣寺 (Ginkakuji)

There are hundreds of other places in Kyoto to see, but unfortunately my day was rather short. I had a late start, the train from Osaka to Kyoto takes about an hour, and at one point I got lost. I really wanted to see Gion – some other day. Kyoto is a stunning city, and just as everyone says, a must for anyone with an interest in Japanese culture.


~ by megumiwasframed on August 18, 2011.

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