Sh*t Japanese Students Say

So a while ago someone showed me this video:

Unfortunately it doesn’t have subtitles, but it would probably lose something in the translation. Either way, it’s 100% true.

Every day I’m amused by the things my students say and do, so I have to write about them!

  • I often get asked, “How old are you?” I’ve taken to answering with, “How old do I look?” One kid today shouted, “100!” When I responded, “Yes! I am 100!” the students acted genuinely shocked. The teacher had to say, “Come on you guys, it was a joke!”
  • “I was born on March 18th.” “March 80th!?”
  • “Do you like tables?”
  • “Can you guess which instrument I play?” “Castanets!”
  • “Do you like me?” “I just met you!” “失恋!!(Heartbreak!)”
  • Question: What do you want to do in high school? Answer: I want to become a good mother.
  • One student at lunch today liked to answer everything with, “Oh, me too.” It got a lot of laughs from the others. The best: “That song is really popular in America.” “Oh, me too.”
  • Another popular question is, “Do you have a boyfriend?” I’ve been saying, “It’s a secret.” One group came to the conclusion that “secret” means obviously yes, and so they started to guess names. “John? Tom? …..Johnson?”
  • My self introduction that I’ve been doing for classes talks a lot about Minnesota. I have them guess how cold they think it gets in the winter. When I said that it often gets to -20 degrees Celsius, one student asked me, “Can people live at that temperature?”
  • One of the teachers I work with is the same age as me. The students seem to want something to happen between us. Whenever they see us together there are comments like, “Ooh, you’re talking to her in English! So cool ○○-sensei! Oh, she talked to you! Oh, you’re so lovestruck ○○-sensei! I’m cheering for you ○○-sensei!”
  • And, I made one student blush by telling him I can speak Japanese after listening to him the whole lunch period trying to come up with questions in English. I didn’t want to disrupt him, as he was trying to study English! When I told him this, two girls next to me cracked up and said, “Why is your face so red?” His response was, of course, “It’s really hot today!”

~ by megumiwasframed on September 12, 2012.

One Response to “Sh*t Japanese Students Say”

  1. None of them guessed Maynard?? No way!!! Too funny. :)

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