And quote of the night goes to…

City Hall is very near where me, and most of the other JETs in the city, live. Right now there’s a giant banner across it saying something about the “61th” Ohara Festival.

One of the other JETs pointed out the error.

Another JET responded: “I’m pretty sure they employ 21 ALTs and a CIR for a reason. I’m not sure they understand what those reasons are though.”

Yup. On days where teachers forgets to make my schedule (here’s looking at you, T Junior High), and on days when I’m used as nothing more than a human tape recorder, I wonder if the schools even know the reason.

I think they should create a job in which someone fluent in English goes around the country correcting embarrassing English. It would be a full-time gig, for sure. It’s one thing when a kid is learning it and writes something odd on a test. It’s another thing when you have something published and displayed proudly for all to see.


~ by megumiwasframed on October 3, 2012.

One Response to “And quote of the night goes to…”

  1. LOL! I remember hearing about this issue from everyone I’ve ever known who has visited Japan. Good luck! You’d probably make a ton of money if you could find the right person to contact about the job. :)

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