Days Off

Last week were midterms for my students at both of my schools. This meant that I would have had no classes. So, instead of sitting around all day, I decided to take a few days off. I went to Saijo again. A lot of people said, “You’re back already?” when I bumped into them. I guess it’s like my second home. My host father and the friend who let me stay with her kept making fun of me. “You’re coming back next month, too. Don’t try to deny it, we already know it.”

Kagoshima is still green, but Hiroshima is full of color!

What did I do in the rural college town?


  • I met my host father in Hiroshima, who was there to drop a few things off to his son who attends college in the city. He was nice enough to pick me up from the station and drive me to Saijo. He had originally planned to take his son and I out for dinner, but his son was busy that night, so instead he asked me to invite the friend who I was staying with, M. The three of us went to a very nice Japanese-style restaurant near the university that somehow I’d never been to. The food was delicious! M and my host father got along really well. They both liked gossiping about me.
  • After dinner a group of us met at one of my favorite bars. This included the current exchange student from Minnesota, M, my former bandleader, DJ and his friend, and one friend who studied abroad in Minnesota. When the owner of the bar saw us, she said, “Ah, your favorite bartender is working from tomorrow.” I have a reputation.
  • M and DJ went back to her apartment to drink a bit more and chat. DJ told us how he views all of us. He’s strangely perceptive – he was more accurate about some people than I thought he would be.


The last course was sushi. The momiji leaf in the center was quite pretty.



  • M had class, but DJ was incredibly bored. We met up with the exchange student from Minnesota and went on an epic quest to find pancake drink. Sadly, it was unsuccessful.
  • That night was a concert in Hiroshima City! The band was Royz, a moderately known visual kei band. As usual, knowing the general vicinity of the live house was enough. The fans were a glaringly obvious beacon in their idiosyncratic outfits. Royz is a rather flashy band. Their costumes are very over the top, and they give out a lot of fanservice. They’re good at riling up the fans with things like skimpy outfits and kissing each other onstage – it’s a fun spectacle. Because of this, I always expect less from their music than they actually deliver. They’re quite talented. Unfortunately the crowd at this concert wasn’t very energetic, so it was hard for me to get totally into them. Still, I enjoyed the show, and I got to shake the guitarist’s hand. Hehe.
  • After this I went back to my favorite bar to visit S. He was working with a new guy. At one point me and the woman sitting next to me realized he looked like a Korean celebrity – we just weren’t sure who. We spent far too long discussing it. The woman in charge of the bar is something of a hero to me, as she only seems to hire attractive men. It’s turning the stereotype on its head, in a way. By the way, when I woke up the next morning, I recalled who the bartender looked like. It’s this member of B2ST.

Royz always takes pictures with the fans. If you look closely, you can find me! From–subaru/


  • Friday during the day was rather uneventful. M had plans for the weekend, so I had to move to a hotel. After this, we got okonomiyaki together. I was supposed to meet up with DJ again when M went to class, but one of his professors gave him an assignment. So instead I got a haircut.
  • DJ texted me saying he was done. I was expecting us to go to karaoke, but that’s not what happened. DJ was hungover and wanted ramen. He ended up sleeping on the counter at the ramen shop, so after I finished eating he went to a friend’s house to sleep. I ended up at the game center.
  • That night was a party with some of the students who studied abroad in Minnesota last year and a few of their friends. It was really fun, and the food was cheap! 280 yen a plate/drink for everything! The after party ended up at my hotel. We just talked – I got a lot of things off my chest. It felt nice.
  • Despite it being 1:30am when everyone left, I wasn’t tired. I went to my other favorite hangout, a darts bar. One of the old employees I vaguely remember talked to me all night. I convinced some random customers to eat the deadly takoyaki. Then I split some with the bartender. I left way too late, because the next day I slept until 2pm.


  • When I woke up, I went with a friend to see the new Evangelion movie. M loaned me her bike so that I could get to the theater, but I haven’t ridden a bicycle in about two years. I also hadn’t eaten a proper breakfast. I was ready to collapse by the time I got there. The movie was good, but not as good as I was expecting. It felt like it was just there to build up for the last movie and didn’t focus very much on character development. However, Kaworu was in it, and he’s damn charming for a cartoon character.
  • I met with S for dinner. He didn’t have much time, since he has 5 papers to write, but we ended up chatting for quite a while. I also convinced him to take purikura with me after dinner. Ha…
  • Everyone else had plans that night! I didn’t want to sit around in the hotel, so I went to the darts bar again. Turns out I was lucky – the manager of the place, whom I’d been friends with, was having his birthday party there! I only intended to stay for a little bit, but it was fun to hang out with everyone. Then, when I was about to leave I ran into another student who had studied in Minnesota. Small world! We played a couple rounds of billiards together. The friend she came with was also very friendly and cute. After the game, the three of us watched TV in my room for a while.

Over the course of those few days, I got invited to several events next month, all around winter break… We’ll see what happens. I’ll probably go for at least a couple days.

People find it odd that I keep going back. Or they say I’m stuck in the past. But would it be strange if it was Minnesota? Probably not. Saijo is just like my second home!


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