Sh*t Japanese Students Say 2

155408_10152296515175526_1019606603_nI was correcting some papers today and ran across this beauty.

Which leads me into my second edition of “Sh*t Japanese Students Say.”

Normally during lunch it’s the girls who monopolize my time, asking me to speak in English with them. They like to ask what sort of music I like, what shows I watch, whether I like vocaloid, who I think is the most handsome out of such-and-such group.

But there’s one group who continually quizzes me on their names. “What’s my name?” I’ll get it correct and she’ll look happy, but then her friends chime in:

“No! Her name is 顎 (ago; chin)! Because her chin is her whole face!”

Then they’ll really get started.

“She’s はげ (hage; bald)! Her head is so 眩しい (mabushii; bright) that I can’t pay attention in class!” This is followed by two girls pantomiming themselves shading their eyes from the sun. Or rather, from that girl’s shining head.

“She’s the shortest in this class!”

“But I still have the longest legs!”

They can fill up a good ten minutes like this.

Today, the boys found me before the girls did. Usually they’re outside, but the weather’s gotten a bit too chilly for that now. I’ve forgotten how dorky middle school boys are.

Boy 1: “He’s a hippo!”

Me: “Then what animal are you?”

Other boy: “He’s a skunk! 臭いから… (Because he stinks…)”

By this time, ‘Hippo’ has joined the conversation.

Hippo: “またなんぱ?(Are you flirting with her again?)”

Skunk: “No no no. No なんぱ.” He then turns back to me. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

I’ve been told the best way to avoid this question is to ask the kid if they have a significant other, but he just tells me it’s a secret and asks again.

Me: “Okay. My boyfriend’s name is…”

At this point, three boys are leaning in close to hear what I’m going to say.

“Kamenashi Kazuya.” He’s a very famous actor and member of a boyband called KATTUN.

The kids roll their eyes, but recover quickly.



Skunk: “Do you like KATTUN?”

I tell him yes. As far as Japanese boybands go, I feel they’re one of the most tolerable.

Skunk: “Who is cooler? Me or KATTUN?”

Me: “Of course, KATTUN.”


…was I that weird as a junior high school student? I can’t really remember. I probably was.


~ by megumiwasframed on December 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “Sh*t Japanese Students Say 2”

  1. Yes, yes you were. =)

  2. haha nice, at least this kids gona head into the workplace with realistic ideals XD

    meccha jelly you know enough japanese to converse with your JHS kids to some degree, i struggle talking to even the ES ones most of the time >_>

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