Several Months

I promised before to write blogs more frequently, but before I knew it, it had been several months! It wasn’t until an email from a family member that I remembered. I then considered switching over to tumblr, which I find more user-friendly, but I also don’t want to split my blog in half. So here I am, playing catch-up.

A lot can certainly happen over a few months. I feel like this whole year has just flown by. The past few months feel completely different from the few months before that, and those all feel completely different from any part of 2012. I guess this is what becoming an adult feels like.

Here are some of the things that have been noteworthy since I last wrote:

  • I had plans for Golden Week, but I ended up staying in Kagoshima. Which was perfectly fine, I got to hang out with one of the other former HUSA exchange students – the vocalist in our jazz band! We had a long-time coming karaoke party.
  • Another friend came to visit me in Kagoshima at the beginning of June. It was the middle of the rainy season, but we went to the volcano anyway. She said it reminded her of Jurassic Park.
  • Daytrip to Fukuoka! By shinkansen, it only takes an hour and a half. We went shopping, met up with a Japanese friend who spent a year in Minnesota, got the famous Hakata ramen, and saw Matenrou Opera (not actually an opera) live.
  • ViViD – a visual band I’m rather fond of – came to Kagoshima! On the way out, a local band handed me a flier. I decided to go to their show as well. All of the visual bands in Kyushu were there, and I ended up enjoying it more than the major band. I made friends with some of the girls at the show, and we all hung out with the bands after.
  • There was a festival last night. I haven’t been to a festival in a while, so it was great to wear yukata and eat festival foods! This festival was Rokugatsudo. The roku gatsu means sixth month, or June, but that’s because it’s based on the lunar calendar. The crowds were huge, the fireworks were great, and when I got my fortune, it said I had good luck for once!
A mist covered Sakurajima.

A mist covered Sakurajima.

Two girls all ready for the festival.

Two girls all ready for the festival.

July is proving to be incredibly busy. That seems to be the norm in this line of work. This is my last week of classes before entering summer break. A lot of other ALTs are going back to their countries. Soon their replacements will be coming. People are moving apartments. People will be changing schools. There are goodbye and welcome parties, not to mention friends trying to get in as much time together as they can before hopping on planes. The majority of my time is going to be monopolized for these next few weeks. Let’s see if I can get through it without collapsing on the way.



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